The best 2020 roulette sites and casino

When you are playing roulette for real money on the Internet, you obviously need to do it at one of the best casinos that will pay you if you win with no questions asked. What’s the point in risking your money if the casino is going to turn around and refuse to pay you?

A quick search online will reveal literally countless rip off and scam reports from players who were lucky enough to win, only for the casino to refuse to pay them. You can read about how dodgy casinos try and weasel their way out of paying, or in some cases, just refuse to answer to player withdrawal requests in our section about online casino scams.

Here at, we only recommend the absolute best casinos that payout within 24 hours with no hassle and no questions asked. It’s our belief that when players are risking their money, they should be able to play, safe in the knowledge that the games are fair, their money is safe and they will be paid within 24 hours if they win.

Here are the qualities that we look for in casinos and criteria they must meet before we will recommend them:

  • Withdrawal times are less than 24 hours.
  • An established brand with a long history of fair play.
  • In house customer support (no outsourcing to cheap countries).
  • Table limits that suit both low and high stake players.
  • Graphics that provide realistic and enjoyable gameplay.
  • Multiple variations of each game to choose from.
  • The option of casino, sports and poker from one account for players of multiple interests.

Now that you know what we’re looking for, here are the best roulette sites for 2020. We have personally played at all of them and cashed out our money with no problems.

Tell The Casino You Don’t Want A Bonus

As we have discussed elsewhere on the site, if you intend on playing roulette, you need to tell your chosen casino that you don’t want any form of bonus when you make your first deposit. While the promise of a large bonus may be tempting, they come with wagering requirements that need to be completed before you can cash out any money.

Worse yet, roulette does not count towards the wagering requirements, meaning that any money you win is tied up at the casino until you’ve completed the wagering requirements on slot machines. That is who the bonuses are aimed at – slots players. Roulette, blackjack and baccarat do not count towards the wagering requirements, never have and probably never will.

All you need to do is contact the casino before you make your first deposit and tell them you don’t want any bonuses. Some casinos give you the option to opt-out when you make your first deposit, others will require you to contact their support team which is very easy via life chat and is over within a minute. By simply telling the casino that you don’t want a bonus, you will be able to cash out any money you win with no problems.