Roulette BIG WIN in ONLY 4 spins!

800% Winning at roulette in ONLY 4 SPINS!

This is one of the most powerful video proof of winning 800% of your starting balance in ONLY 4 spins.

Why did we report this video proof? The idea is that you MUST keep in mind is to calculate your winnings basing on percentage. Let give some examples and let you understand better what exactly that means.

Suppose you join a roulette with a budget of only 10 EUR and by using STRATEGY 1, at the end of the session you won up to 90 EUR. Your NET winning will be 80 EUR, so seeing the fact that you started with only 10 EUR – you practically won 800% your starting balance (9 times your starting balance).

Now, suppose that you join at the roulette with 1,000 EUR and, by using STRATEGY 2, at the end of the session you won up to 2,000 EUR. In this case, your NET winning will be 1,000 EUR, but seeing that you started with the same amount – it means you got as winning in percentage only 200%.

Basing on your earnings it looks that using the second strategy you actually won much more (you got 1,000 EUR instead of 90 EUR from strategy 1), but is really the strategy 2 better than the first one? NO, it is NOT! Because it is VERY IMPORTANT the budget you start from, because if you had used STRATEGY 1 with a starting budget of 1,000 EUR – you could reach up to 800%, which actually means 8,000 EUR!

Amazing, isn’t it? It may seem crazy and a bit impossible, but that is not a “hack”, it’s just PURE math calculates, so that is why, once you use a STRATEGY, we advise paying attention to the PERCENTAGE OF WINNING you got basing on your starting budget, not on the amount you earned with that specific strategy.

In case you enjoyed the video and want to give a try to this roulette software, it is called RouleGENIUS and they guarantee NO MORE than 4 losses in a row, otherwise, you can get 100% money back. More, they also offer 25 secrets to WIN – a powerful list of secrets and instructions in order to increase definitely your PERCENTAGE OF WINNING at roulette.

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